True crime podcast produces results

By Janel O’Brien

The link Between Cold Cases and True Crime Podcasts

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True crime has been a consistent obsession in the United States for over a decade according to Google search data. True crime podcasts have collided with the fascination and made it a complete mania. After the wildly popular Serial podcast in October 2014,¬† the gap began to close between the search terms “cold cases” and “true crime podcast” and officially overlapped in June of 2017.

Some cases that have been explored by podcasts have gone cold for years, or even decades. Serial was about a disappearance and murder of a Baltimore teen in 1999 and was reopened by Sarah Koenig in 2014. Thanks to the podcast, the main suspect in the case had a 2016 court hearing after being convicted of the murder back in 2000.

Serial was widely acclaimed for genuine storytelling mixed with a meticulous review of the evidence involved in the case. Podcasts have the ability to share a story in a unique way compared to other mediums, such as documentaries and television shows. With Serial’s ability¬†to reopen the case itself, the possibilities became endless for many other unsolved cases across the country.

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